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Celebs aren't exactly filled with smiles this week, but all of us know fashion is a deadly serious business. Additionally, the planet is a cheap Balenciaga Outlet small jump fire right now, so everybody gets a pass this week! Don't rush, really.

Jennifer Lopez was recently seen leaving a fitness center in LA carrying a very rare cheap Balenciaga Outlet. She and Kim Kardashian would be the only two folks I can consider the own one of them.

Talking of this Kardashians, here is Kourtney, cruising around LA with a miniature Balenciaga Outlet Online. Mini Kellys are extremely prevalent lately.

Hailey Bieber really starred in the advertising campaign for this Bulgari x ray Alexander Wang collab, but she is in West Hollywood, CA, carrying the latest from Balenciaga.

Ultimately, we've got balenciaga outlet, making the Today show in New York using a Ferragamo Studio Bag.